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The future is circular. Together we can make great strides - Circular Footwear Alliance
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The future is circular. Together we can make great strides.

We believe in a future without waste. A future in which resources and raw materials are continuously recycled and reused. A circular future, to be precise. Together, we will bring this future closer. And we’ll start at your feet...

The results of the CFA from the beginning
  • Collected pairs of shoes 6.322
  • Quantity of material that has been recycled 8.850KG
  • Carbon emission reductions 155.856 KG
  • Number of participating parties 71

Choose circular shoes now

Over the past few years, both EMMA Safety Footwear and Allshoes Safety Footwear have been investing in the development of increasingly far-reaching circular solutions.

Allshoes Safety Footwear has been integrating more and more circular principles and EMMA introduced its first fully circular safety shoes in 2018.

By investing in circular work and safety shoes, you are choosing shoes that are designed to be completely taken apart after use. These shoes allow full, 100% circularity.

Smart collection boxes

Does your company use or sell work and/or safety shoes? Become a partner and reap the benefits for the environment and for your business. Request the CFA Box today.

Afbeelding van product


  • Up to 15 pairs of work and safety shoes

  • Small and medium-sized companies

  • Per set of 5 pcs.

  • Reusable and recyclable

Afbeelding van product

CFA Palletbox

  • Up to 150 pairs of work and safety shoes

  • Medium-sized and large companies

  • To be placed on a pallet due to weight

  • Reusable and recyclable

Let's make a positive footprint

Does your company use work and/or safety shoes? Sign up and reap the benefits for the environment and for your business. Request the CFA Box now.

How it works

We are happy to explain everything about circular safety shoes and the collection process.

Want to become a CFA partner?

Want to become a Circular Footwear Alliance partner? If so, opt for circular safety shoes at your company. We would be delighted to tell you more about our collaboration and our principles and goals.

By wearing circular safety shoes, we prevent raw materials from being exhausted and we help eliminate waste from the world

After taking the used work and safety shoes, they are completely disassembled, sorted by material, ground if necessary and then further sorted. We make a distinction between circular and non-circular safety shoes. After all, we know in advance about circular products what we will do with the recovered components and raw materials after use. Apply again in shoes or in other products. With non-circular shoes, we do not know that, we try to find an application afterwards, but we will also burn a part (although with energy recovery).