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The future is circular. Together we can make great strides - Circular Footwear Alliance

The future is circular. Together we are making a big step forward.

We believe in a future without waste. A future in which resources and raw materials are continuously recycled and reused. A circular future, to be precise. Together, we will bring this future closer. Starting with your feet...

Welcome to the Circular Footwear Alliance Foundation! Together, we can make a difference.

Discover our mission to give used safety shoes a new life.

Your participation counts.

Check below to discover how you can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Lets make a positive footprint

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Discover the fascinating journey of a safety shoe:

  1. Creation: Every journey begins with the production of a safety shoe.
  2. Purchase: After production, the shoes find their way to users, like you.
  3. Use: Put into use, they contribute to safety in the workplace.
  4. Collection: When worn out, they are collected in CFA collection boxes.
  5. Pick-up: CFA collects the boxes, ready for a new phase.
  6. Dismantling: Partners dismantle the shoes for recycling.
  7. Recycling: Those materials are recycled.
  8. Reuse: And finally, they are reused to make new products.

Wearing circular safety shoes prevents resource depletion and helps eliminate waste