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Smart collection boxes - Circular Footwear Alliance

Smart collection boxes

Does your company use or sell work and/or safety shoes? Become a partner and reap the benefits for the environment and for your business. Request the CFA Box today.

Afbeelding van product

CFA Minibag

This compact powerhouse fits perfectly into our CFA Display Box and provides a durable shoe collection solution.

  • Up to 15 pairs of work and safety shoes
  • For small and medium-sized businesses
  • Reusable
  • 5 pieces per set

Afbeelding van product

CFA Display Box

These heroes not only have a stylish design, but also a long life. Only the collection bags travel between you and the CFA, the box stays with you. Together we reduce the carbon footprint and give each box a story of sustainability.

  • Fixed Display Box for in-store use
  • Order in combination with the CFA Minibag
  • Lasts for years
  • Display can be customized

Afbeelding van product

CFA Holder

Meet our Bigbag holder, your clever sorting idea in the workplace! Hang the BigBag with ease on the holder with convenient loops. When the BigBag is full, simply lower the suspension hooks to take off the BigBag on the pallet. Discover the efficiency your workplace deserves!

Afbeelding van product

CFA Bigbag

This sustainable giant is ready to equip central locations with a collection point for a large number of shoes. But this is no ordinary bag; it is an effective tool in our mission to sustainability.

  • Up to 150 pairs of work and safety shoes
  • Order in combination with the CFA holder
  • For medium and large companies
  • To be placed on pallet due to weight
  • Reusable