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Smart collection boxes - Circular Footwear Alliance
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Smart collection boxes

Does your company use or sell work and/or safety shoes? Become a partner and reap the benefits for the environment and for your business. Request the CFA Box today.

Afbeelding van product


Return logistics are included in the order of the CFA Box. Our logistics partner collects the box and delivers it to our sorting center.

  • Up to 15 pairs of work and safety shoes

  • Small and medium-sized companies

  • Per set of 5 pcs.

  • Reusable and recyclable

Afbeelding van product

CFA Palletbox

If your company uses larger quantities of work and safety shoes, which can be collected in central places, the CFA Pallet Box will come in handy.

  • Up to 150 pairs of work and safety shoes

  • Medium-sized and large companies

  • To be placed on a pallet due to weight

  • Reusable and recyclable